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Bust Out!! With Us!

Who doesn't want to be busted out? What are you waiting for?  God is ready. He is more than able. He always wants to set us free!  God wants to bust us out!

That's why God became flesh in Jesus. God breaks our bondage to sin, to the affects sin. God brings resurrection - from death to life.

Bust us out God! We need your help God with:

Patience with our friends, children, parents, spouses, co-workers, neighbors

Keeping Sex right and good!

Loving our enemies

Battling against evil in my life.

Struggling with doubt

Dealing with the brokenness of this world

Loving our spouse the way we should

Accepting my freedom

Seeing my new identity in you!


Thirsting after your word.  

Building great friendships

Being a part of the church.

Raising my kids

Understanding and helping my teens

Enjoying and doing my best at work.

Respecting authority

Dealing with Social media with my family.

Honoring my parents.

Repairing broken relationships.

Money, money, money!  Being good stewards, breaking free.  

Self Discipline

Being positive in a broken world

Helping the hurting

Resurrect us Lord!  We need you to BUST US OUT! Set us free!

With God's help we need to BUST OUT of old patterns together.  We are a community. This will be an interactive blog and podcast.  What is it in your life where you need or want to BUST OUT! Even if it is in the list, tell us anyway - something you or someone you love struggles with.  The more input we get on an issue, the sooner we will deal with it. At some point, we want to address every area where people need to BUST OUT.